i am luke and i live in southern california. hmmmm this is mostly a personal blog.. this me
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i think what i need to do is find something that feels fulfilling to me like i need to be in a band already!!! does anyone wanna make goth synth pop with me

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Okay so i have a solid job a great group of friends and a loving mom and siblings so i should be happy right? for some reason im not though but i think its cause im so adjusted to expecting the worst things because id rather do that than expect great things and be disappointed but i think ive been doing that for so long that i started fixating on negative aspects of my life and i can never focus on happy things and it sucks and i feel dumb and super really ugly and gross about it all the time and at this point im just going through the motions honestly. its like im always JUST about to give up but not quite there. idk thats all i got sorry

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can i hire a hitman to… kill me????

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ive been thinking about dying a lot lately and i was trying to think why like i usually have an explanation but like no i just really wanna die lately idk why sorry for posting this

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work was fucking wild i hated it and im really tired and grumpy and i keep accidentally taking it out on people who are trying to be nice to me so i need someone to beat me up

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08 February 1980: University Of London Union
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08 February 1980: University Of London Union

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Michel Le Belhomme
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Michel Le Belhomme

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